HSC | English 2nd Paper | Most Common Composition Writing 31-35

HSC | English 2nd Paper | Most Common Composition Writing 31-35 : Today I will discuss the most important Composition Writing in HSC exam from English 2nd paper.

31. My Hobby

[Dnj. B. 2010, J. B. 2014]

Hobby means one’s favourite occupation but not one’s main business. It may not bring him money but it gives him joy and pleasure. A man must have a hobby for a sound mind and sound health. A man can not enjoy his leisure without a hobby. So it is necessay to enjoy life.

I am a student. I have a hobby. My favourite hobby is gardening. It gives me much pleasure. I have a garden in front of my reading room. Whenever I get time, I work in it. I loose the soil with the spade and weed out the grass. I water the plants regularly. I also put a fence around my garden that cattle or naughty children can not do any harm to my garden. In the morning my heart leaps up Iwith joy to see my garden full of various flowers. They spread a sweet smell. The garden also looks very charming.

It has improved my body and mind. Before making this garden I was a boy of ill health. I did not feel hungry. I lost my taste for food. Day by day I became weak. I started the garden to have a health and my health, in fact, improved. sound Everyday I work in the garden at least for two hours. As a result of it my blood runs well. The beauty and sweet smell of different flowers make me jolly. On holidays I work more in my gard When my very glad to see my garden and thank me.

HSC | English 2nd Paper | Most Common Composition Writing 31-35
English 2nd Paper | Most Common Composition Writing

32. Computer

Science has discovered many wonders and computer is one of them. It is an ultra modern electronic device for storing and analysing information fed into it. It has no capacity to do anything by itself. It works on the basis of commands given by the operator.

Computer was not invented over night. First of all Pascal invented the theory of “Digital Calculating System” in 1642. Though his attempts were not crowned with success, he initiated the research which paved the way to the invention of computer. Finally Mr. Haward Akin, an American scientist invented such a machine in 1937 that could do difficult sums.

So the credit for the invention of modern computer goes to Howard Akin. After seven years electric computer was used in Harvard University in 1944. After that many other computers have been invented such as EDSAC in 1945 and ENTANCE in 1946 etc. A computer consists of five major components. They are the input unit, the output unit, the memory unit, the control unit and the arithmatic unit.

A computer performs three functions: 1. It receives data, 2. It processes data by various computations, 3. It emits data. Every computer has a machine language of its own and accordingly a computer functions. Machine language is not fixed. It varies from machine to machine. Programmes written in machine languages are machine dependent and they are only good for that particular machine.

Computer is of great use to us. It renders great service to mankind. It is like Aladin’s magic lamp or magic wand. It has lessened our work loads and made our life easy and comfortable. It is used in our daily life for various purposes. Computer is media of education in the developed countries.

The students of the developed countries use computer to prepare their study materials. They learn many things within the shortest possible time. Results of various examinations are prepared accurately with the help of computer within the shortest span of time.

Nowadays in developed countries computer is used to diagnose a disease. A newer process of operation has been invented by computer as an alternative of surgery. It is used to grind stones in normal pathological tests. Today computer is used in the fields of agriculture in the developed countries. A farmer of America simply puts on the switch of the computer and gets everything done.

Nowadays business, commerce and trade can not be thought of without computer. It does wonder. It is used to prepare documents, to make lists of goods, store information and to prepare budget etc. Management personnels use computer to take decision. The value of currency and price of any share can be known instantly by the computer.

Today printing can not be thought of without computer. It is an indispensable part of printing. Thousands of books are composed with the help of computer within a very short time. In the developed countries computer is used to run mills, factories and industries. Trains and planes are run by the computer.

Computer is a source of great income. Many developed and advanced countries export software and hardware and earn a lot. There is no unmixed blessings on earth. Everything has its dark sides. Computer has its own demerits. It causes diseases like Respitutive Stress injury and weakens the eye sight of the operators.

Of late computer has been introduced in Bangladesh. Many government and non-government offices, educational institutions are using computer. A course on computer has been introduced in secondary and higher secondary levels. The day is not far to come when computers will be used in every sphere of life. Computer is of great use to us. We can not go a single moment without computers. It is part and Parcel in our daily life.

33. The Natural Beauties of Bangladesh (D. B. 2012]

Bangladesh is the darling child of nature. Nature has rained her natural beauties on her darling child. It is a land of six seasons. Each season has its own characteristics. In each season Nature appears before us in new attire. In Bangladesh summer is very hot. The sun shines very hotly. But Sometimes refreshing breeze blows and it gives man relief from the excessive heat.

In the afternoon people sit in the open field and enjoy the refreshing breeze. They feel fresh. Young boys play football and other outdoor games. At night people in the rural area sit in the open field and spend sit on the roof of the night in gossiping. Sometimes they sleep in the open field. The town people their houses and enjoy the pleasant breeze.

The champa, the beli, the Karabir, the jaba and the bakul bloom during this season. Different kinds of fruits are seen hanging in the branches of trees. After summer comes the rainy season. The sky remains overcast with clouds. It rains for days together. The ponds, canals rivers etc. are full to the brim. During the rainy season various kinds of flowers bloom. Kadam, keya, hasna-hena, the juthi are some of the flowers that bloom in the seasn and offers a grand show.

When the white sails of clouds float about in the clear blue sky, it heralds the advent of autumn. People get relief from excessive rain and heat. It is a pleasant season. In this season nature puts on a new attire. The plants and trees look fresh and lively. It is neither too hot nor too cold. Shefali and water lilies bloom in this season.

After autumn comes the late autumn. It is a season of mist. Different kinds of crops and fruits ripe in this season. The ripe paddy fields offer a grand view. The golden colour of the ripe paddy shines in the sun and the ripe paddy field look like vast expanse of gold. Dew drops fall on the ripe paddy and the paddy field assumes golden colour.

Spring, the king of all seasons comes with many beautiful natural gifts that refresh our body and mind. It is the most pleasant and most beautiful season of the year. New leaves hang on every branch of leafless tress. The trees look fresh and lively during this season. The whole nature laughs at that time. Gentle breeze begins to blow from the south and refreshes our mind.

Many song birds sing sweet song in this season. The cuckoo comes back and sings sweet song behind the leaves. The bou katha kao is also another song bird and sings sweetly in this season. There is also variety of colour in the flowers. Winter also is not without its beauty. It is pleasant to bask in the sun. Winter is a season of abundance. All types of vegetables and fishes are available in this season.

Cox’s Bazar is another place full of scenic beauty. It is the longest sea beach in the world. People from home and abroad come here and forget the sorrows and sufferings of their daily life. Kuakata is also a place of scenic beauty. It is called the daughter of the sea. The place helps people to forget the sorrows and sufferings and the din and bustle of city life.

Rangamati and the hilly regions deserve special mention. All these places are full of green scenery. The natural beauties of these places can not be described in words. The tea gardens are also full of natural beauties. Places like Jaflong and Madhobkundo are also full of beautiful natural scenery. The Sunderbans is also an attractive tourist spot.

It is the 52nd World Heritage Site in the world. It has also gained special attention as a mangrove forest. The natural beauties are very import in our life. They exercise a great influence on us. They have a soothing and healing effect on our life. They leave a healthy impact on our mind.

34. Service Rendered By the Students
Or, Duties of a Student

Students are the future hope of a country. During student life, students must cultivate the practice of doing all types of duties. These duties are not only limited to individual life but also extended to the service of family, institution, society, country and humanity. Proper execution of these duties makes a student life successful.

There are a number of duties and responsibilities of students. The first and foremost duty of them is to acquire knowledge. But, they must not confine themselves to the academic study only. They must read newspapers, magazines, poetry, novels and dramas during their leisure. It will broaden their minds and enable them to know about the world.

The second thing is that students must do all kinds of things needed for their individual life. For example, they must make a proper utilization of their time. They must attend their classes regularly. They must take care of their health because without having a good health they cannot go ahead. So, they must take regular physical exercise.

They must develop their mental faculty by doing co- curricular activities. Most importantly, they must practice honesty, truthfulness, piety and kindness in every step of their lives. In short, student must try to pass a disciplined life. Students must not forget that they are part of a family, institution, society, country and the whole world.

They must do their duties towards their parents, others family members, teachers, classmates. As members of the society, they have some duties and responsibilities to the people of the society. Students can utilize their free time for the poor and the illiterate to help them change their condition. They can teach them about family planning, health, nutrition and scientific method of cultivation etc.

Students should extend their help during natural calamities. Students can have a proper mental and physical development by doing their duties properly. If they fail to do so, they grow up only to be the burden of a family and a society.

35. Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is the intentional use of physical force to cause bodily pain or discomfort as a penalty for unacceptable behavior. It could be in the form of beating, thrashing or even whipping Corporal punishment is a common feature in schools. But at present this type of punishment is being greatly discouraged. Arguments have been put to abolish corporal punishment. Still our teachers are somehow using canes in their classrooms.

Now the question is whether abolishing corporal punishment is as effective as using canes in their classrooms. Proponents for corporal punishment view it as a quick and effective method to discipline children. But I do not agree with the proponents for various reasons. I think physical child by insulting his or her personality and have an effect on their self-esteem.

Besides, physical punishment brings only temporary effects in correcting children’s behavior. Also, it can humiliate a punishment can be abused because there aren’t any concrete standards to regulate how much punishment is proper in disciplining.

Moreover, corporal punishment is a kind of punishment that affects the human body adversely. It I also affect him psychologically, disturb his mental balance. Such kind of punishment may sometimes physically impair a student for his whole life. Psychologists are of the opinion that such a punishment can affect a student mentally for a very long period of time. Even enforcing discipline technique to discipline a student.

In fact, corporal punishment does not have any positive effect on a student. It worsens the situation. For instance, a student who is very naughty, or least interested in studies, when subjected to corporal punishment, may become more aggressive in nature. He may even leave the school and studies. Nonetheless, such a drastic decision can be disastrous for a child’s future.

Corporal punishment may even cause permanent physical disorders in a child. For example, hard slapping the ears can make him totally deaf for the rest of his life. Harsh canning in the hands and legs can damage the bones and muscles paralyzing him completely. In conclusion, I may say that there are a lot of other ways to teach someone what is wrong but corporal punishment is definitely not one of them.


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