English 2nd Paper | Common Paragraph Writing 41-50 | HSC

English 2nd Paper | Common Paragraph Writing 41-50 | HSC : Assalamu Alaikum HSC students, how are you all? Today I will discuss most common important paragraph writing in HSC exam from English 2nd paper.

41. A Street Hawker

Who is a street hawker? What does a street hawker do? What sort of man is a street hawker? What does he sell? How does he attract the attention of the customers? When does a street hawker come out to sell his things?

Answer: A street hawker deals in various things by hawking from street to street. He carries his materials on head and sometimes in hand and sometimes in a small handicraft. He generally buys his goods at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. A street hawker is very cunning. He knows his business very well. His customers are children and women. He brings toys, sweets and other things for children and sells them at a fixed price at a good rate. He also brings bangles, ribbons, clothings, fruits, utensils, fancy goods and things of domestic uses for women. He speaks in different ways to draw the attention of his customers. A hawker also knows the time/hour of his business. He does not come when the housemasters are at home. Rather he comes when the housemasters are out of home and when the women are free from their household work and duties.

42. A Visit to The National Mausoleum 

When and how did you go to the National Mausoleum? What did you see there? What did you do there? How long did you stay? How did you feel?

Answer: On the occasion of the Independence day I went to the National Mausoleum situated at Savar by BRTC bus in order to pay a visit. I saw a series of seven towers. The most moving sight of the complex is the several graves of the martyred freedom fighters. Standing in front of the graves I bowed down my head in deep respect. I spent several hours there. The National Mausoleum reminded me of the supreme sacrifice of the martyrs who out of their deep unalloyed patriotic love sacrificed their lives on the altar of patriotism in order to snatch away the red rose of independence from the cruel claws of the then Pakistani-occupationist force. It also reminded me of the overthrow of oppression and finally the truimph of justice. What impressed me much was the seven towering towers though built of concrete- symbolize the oceanic blood of the heroic souls.

43. A Rainy Day I Experienced

What was the particular rainy day you are going to describe? How did rains begin that day? How did you go to school? How did you get wet? What happened on the way?

Answer: It was a day of Ashar. It had been drizzling (ef eff) since morning that day. I was having my meal when the sky became dark with dense clouds. I hastily finished my meal and got ready to go to school. Big drops of rain began to fall then. Mother asked me to wait but that was not possible first terminal examination began two days ago and the subject that day was English Paper 1. I took my umbrella and set out. I had gone only a few steps when it began to pour (GF *). Soon it began to rain in torrents (). So I took, shelter in a wayside (1) house. I got drenched thoroughly. I pulled off my shoes and shirt and waited in the hope rains would soon ceasc . but there was no sign of abating, So I started again. I feared that if I were late I should not be allowed to sit for the examination, I went on quickly. When I reached school. I pulled there was no sign of abating. So I started again. I feared that if I were late I shirts and shoes. The headmaster came out of his room and found most of the examinees absent and saw my miserable condition. I was wet from head to foot and was shivering with cold. So in rains and came home back thanking our teachers and the rains. 

44. A Journey By Plane I Have Made 

(a) What was your destination? (b) Which airport did you go? (c) By which plane did you fly? (d) When did the plane take off? (e) How did you feel? (1) How much time did it take to reach Dhaka? 

Answer: I went to Jessore from Dhaka by Bangladesh Biman. I bought a ticket from Bangladesh Biman office. I arrived at the airport about two hours before the flight and got checked and waited in the lounge. I was given a boarding card on which the number of my seat was written. After sometime the departure of the flight was announced and we were asked to board the plane. I got on board and found my seat. The plane took off at 10 am. When the plane took off, I fastened my seat belt. I was given light refreshment and newspapers. I looked through the windows. I saw clouds floating in the sky. Houses and trees below looked like tiny toys. Within a very short time we reached Jessore Airport, Though the journey took 30 minutes, it gave me much pleasure. Even today I bear the flight in my memory.

45. Advertisement 

(a) What does advertisement mean? (b) What is the purpose of advertisement? (c) Where are advisements seen? (d) What can be done to prevent obscene and vulgar advertisements? 

Answer: Advertisement means making a thing known to the public. It has become a fine art. Its purpose is to draw the attention of the customers. It establishes a link between the producers and the customers. A customer can know about the quality and price of a thing through advertisement. Advertisement has become an important part of modern business life. Different countries of the world are being brought closer through advertisement. There are many ways and means of advertisement. We see advertisement in papers, magazines, periodicals, journals, on the screen of television and cinema. We hear advertisement in the radio. Again some use lights and some use pictures for advertisement. Sometimes jokers pass through streets with strange dress for advertisement. Besides there are advertising firms and agencies. Some advertisements are obscene and vulgar. Measures should be taken to stop such kind of advertisement. However advertisement is a part of modern civilization.


English 2nd Paper | Common Paragraph Writing 41-50 | HSC
English 2nd Paper Common Paragraph Writing


46. Acid Rain 

(a) What does acid rain contain? (b) What effects does acid rain have on environment? (c) How does acid rain affect people’s health? (d) How is drinking water affected by acid rain? (e) What effect does acid rain have on stained windows? (f) What does the damage in of Taz Mahal indicate? 

Answer: Acid rain is a such kind of rain which contains harmful chemicals. But in severely polluted areas, rain can be as acidic as the acids of lemon juice or vinegar. This rain, which is very acidic, can cause damage to trees, lakes, wild life, building and human health. Acid rain also damages to human health. Breathing in chemicals can harm people. It causes chest illness. When acid rain causes the release of chemicals and metals into drinking water, it pollutes the water. That is how acid rain affects drinking water. Fading of the colours of the glass is a common result of the acid rain. In the last thirty years some 1000 years old stained glass windows have been damaged by acid rain. The damage of the Taj Mahal indicates that acid pollution is occuring in the developing world.

47. Acid throwing 

Answer: Acid throwing is one of the most heinous crimes. Now-a-days it is very rampant in our country. Umost everyday we find the news of acid throwing in all the newspapers of our country. However frustrated lovers are involved in this evil activity. Where they fail to win the heart of their beloved, they try to have revenge. Finding no other way of taking revenge, they throw acid on them. The effect of acid throwing is very destructive. In most cases the victims succum to injuries. And those who survive drag a very miserable life. Either they are crippled or paralysed. The victims also look ugly because their appearance and body become deformed. Acid throwing is a inhuman and barbarous act. It turns a man into beast. So stern steps should be taken to stop acid throwing and the criminals should be dealt with examplary punishment.

48. A Cyclone

(a) What is cyclone? (b) How is a cyclone formed? (c) What damages does a cyclone cause? (d) What measures can be taken to reduce the loss caused by a cyclone?

Answer: When a storm revolves violently round a centre, it is termed a cyclone. It moves at a high speed ranging from forty to one hundred or more kilometres per hour. A cyclone may occur any time and at any place. The violent types of cyclone usually hit the tropics. The cyclone of Bangladesh generally originates from the Bay-Of-Bengal, and blows towards that land. It is often accompanied by thunders and heavy showers. Before a cyclone commences unbearable heat is felt for a few days. Then suddenly one day the sky becomes terribly dark with clouds and strong winds begin to blow with flashes of lightning and the rumbling of thunders. Thus a terrible situation is created that lasts for a few hours. It causes a great havoc. A lot of people and other animals die. Dwelling houses are blown away. The tidal bore and the heavy showers wash away the stores of food stuff and leave the marks of terrible damage. The cyclone is usually followed by scarcity of food and outbreak of various diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea, fever etc. which spread all over the affected areas. However, the great loss caused by cyclones can be reduced to a substantial extent. Using modern technology of weather forecast, prior warning can be given to the people who are likely to be affected by the cyclone. The people and their domestic animals can be shifted to the cyclone shelters. Moreover, a quick relief, medical treatment and essential medicines should be made available to the affected people just after a terrible cyclone.

49. A Visit To My Primary School 

(a) Did you visit your primary school recently? (b) What was the occasion of it? (c) Who else accompanied you? (d) What did you see there? (e) How did you feel there?

Answer: Last week I had the opportunity to visit my village primary school on the occasion of re-union of the ex-students of the school arranged by the teachers. I went there with four other boys of my native village who also studied there. When we reached there, we found the school buidling nicely decorated with colourful flowers and festoons. There I saw many other friends. We were very glad to see one another after a long gap. We recollected the days we had spent there. We were filled with intense emotions and feelings, Really we could not express our feelings in terms of words. We embraced each other and started chewing the memories of the days we had there. We noticed a great change in the school. When we were students, it was a tin-shedded building. Today it is a big two storeyd building.

50. A Nuclear Family

(a) What is a nuclear family? (b) What is the environment of a nuclear family? (c) What facilities one enjoys in a nuclear family? (d) How does a nuclear family help the students. (e) What are the disadvantages of a nuclear family?

Ans: A nuclear family means a small family consisting of only husband, wife and their children. It has some advantages. A nuclear family is calm and quiet because there are only a few family members. So, one can enjoy peace and happiness in a nuclear family. One need not think of others. So, one enjoys much time to do a lot of work. In a nuclear family, one has got less duties and much free time to move. In a nuclear family, specially a student enjoys much free time. So, he can responsibilities than in an extended family. So, one can remain free from anxiety. He can have study more and more. Again, a nuclear family is free from noise and disturbance. So, one feels very happy there. But there is no unmixed blessing in the world. Nuclear family is not without its disadvantages. One often feels very lonely and bored. If any member faces any problem, there is to take any important decision because his/her decision may not be wise always. rone to come forward to extend his help to him or her. In a nuclear family it becomes very difficult to take any important decision because his/her decision may not be wise always.



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