English 2nd Paper | Common Paragraph Writing 31-40 | HSC

English 2nd Paper | Common Paragraph Writing 31-40 | HSC : Assalamu Alaikum HSC students, how are you all? Today I will discuss most common important paragraph writing in HSC exam from English 2nd paper.

31. A Fountain Pen 

What is a fountain pen? How many parts are there in a fountain pen? What is the function of the parts of a fountain pen?

Answer: A fountain pen is an instrument which is used for writing purpose. Now a days a fountain pen is an essential article of the educated men of all ages. Students and educated men can not do a single moment without a fountain pen. It has earned much popularity. It has two parts-the main body and the cap. The main body holds the nib. It is hollow inside and holds ink in its hollow body. Again there is a rubber tube in the hollow bodies of some fountain pens. This rubber tube contains ink. with the main body. It is with the help of the clip that one holds a fountain pen on the edge of his The cap has a clib attached to its end. It protects the nib from being damaged.’ The cap is screwed pocket. The fountain pens are of different colours, shapes and sizes.

32. A Flower Shop

Answer: A flower shop is a source of aesthetic beauty and tendency of mind. In big cities flower shops are usually found beside busy roads and residential areas. With the increase of solvency people are growing lovers towards flowers. Now on every occasion we use flowers in decorating our houses. stages and rooms. The bouquet of flowers are offered to the altar of the martyrs and national heroes. On the occasion of different days flowers are offered to the dear ones. Nowadays flowers are cultivated widely commercially in our country. So the flower business is now becoming popular. In a flower shop there are usually several florists. They prepare bouquets and sell them at reasonable price. Rose, Rajani gandha, belly, champa, gardenia and many other kinds of flowers are available in a flower shop. People of various walks of life buy flowers from a flower shop. Thus a flower shop is closely related to our taste, aesthetic zeal and sense of beauty. It has become a part of our daily life.

33. A Good Citizen

(a) Who is a good citizen? (b) What are the characteristics of a good citizen? (c) How can a person be a good citizen? (d) How can a country be benefited from a good citizen? (e) What are the government’s duty to make a good citizen?

Answer: A good citizen is an asset of a country. To be a good citizen a man must have some good and special qualities. A good citizen must have interest in receiving proper education. It is a must as it makes him well aware of his duties and responsibilities. In every society there are certain rules and regulations. These are essential to ensure peace and harmony in a community. A good citizen abides by all these laws and tries to ensure peace and happiness in the society. A good citizen must be a good man. He should develop moral and mental disposition. He should be committed to his own duties and responsibilities. Good and friendly contact with good people characterises him. Truthfulness, smartness, honesty and reliability are the distinctive ornaments of his personality. He must not do anything subversive of the state. Actually, a good citizen is an idol whose activities, thoughts and updated knowledge lead him, his society and his country to the way to prosperity and happiness.

34. A Hartal Day

(a) What is hartal? (b) Why is it called and observed? (c) How is it observed? (d) What is its impact on our national life and economy?

Answer: In modern strife torn state hartal has become a common affair. It is observed at the call of a political party or parties to press their demand to the ruling political party. The opposition political parties observe hartal to protest against the corruption, misuse of power and the evil deeds of the ruling party. Sometimes students and people of a locality call hartal to express their demands. On a hartal day normal course of life is stopped. All means of transport and vehicles do not move on the roads. People are to take a lot of troubles to attend their offices. They go on foot as vehicles are not available. As a result the attendance is very negligible in the offices, factories, industries and shops. The economy of the country suffers a heavy loss. Mills, factories and industries stop their work. All the business centres, markets and shops remain closed. The supporters in favour of hartal bring out procession. Often clashes occur between the police and the picketers. Sometimes clashes take place between the supporters of the opposition and the ruling political parties which result in some deaths. On a hartal day the sufferings of the people know no bound.

35. An Ideal Student [C. B. 2017]

An ideal student is he who has some special qualities. Generally a good student has some qualities. But the student who is sincere in study, good in nature, well-behaved, honest in thought, active and obedient to parents, teachers and laws and rules, is an ideal student. He is not only  studious but also a good player. Maintaining laws of keeping good health is another quality of an ideal student. His main duty is to study. An ideal student always helps the weak students in study. never touches his mind. He is much interested in doing social work. Then he is active to co-operate He must be diligent, punctual and attentive to study. His behaviour is excellent. Rude behaviour the people of the society. He knows that student life is the seed time. So he must take the best the seniors. He never goes against any law of the institution as well as the country. He knows no preparation for the struggle of life. He loves his parents, the youngers and respect the teachers and religion. An ideal student is loved by all. So he gradually becomes an idol as well as a model for all corruption. His mind is like the clear sky. He is very kind to the poor. He does not go against religion. An ideal student is loved by all.So he gradually becomes an idol as well as a model for all students.

English 2nd Paper | Common Paragraph Writing 31-40 | HSC
English 2nd Paper |Common Paragraph Writing 31-40

36. A Moonlit Night 

What is a moonlit night? How is a moonlit night? How does nature look on a moonlit night? What do people feel on a moonlit night? What do lower animals do on a moonlit night?

Answer: A moonlit night is really charming and enjoyble. It presents a beautiful sight. It dazzles our eyes and sooths our heart. In a moonlit night the moon looks like a disk of silver. The moon bathes the whole world with her silvery light. The watery places mean canals and rivers and tanks seem to smile on a moonlit night. The grand spectacles the canals, rivers and tanks present can not be described in words. The whole nature looks bright and appears in celestial light. People of all age enjoy a moonlit night. Young boys play and little boys and girls make merriments and amuse themselves. A moonlit night is really enjoyable to a newly married couple. Men and women of middle ages can not come out of doors. They pass some hours in gossipping and story telling and enjoy the night. Poets of all languages have sung highly of a moonlit night, Even lower animals come out at night and little insects also fly here and there. A moonlit night is pleasant and fine indeed.

37. A Tea Stall

Where is a tea stall found? How is it furnished? What things are sold here? Who serves tea? Where does the manager sit and what is his function? What is the condition of a tea stall? How long does a tea stall remain open? What do the customers do in the tea stall?

Answer: A tea stall is a common sight in our country. It is found in cities, towns, bazars, railway stations, bus stands and even in villages. It is a small shop. In a tea stall there are few chairs, tables or benches. Prepared tea is sold here. Biscuits, cakes, loafs, bananas, cigarettes and betel leaf are also sold here. There is often a boy or two to serve tea to the customers. The manager sits behind the cash box and collects money from the customer. An ordinary tea stall is dirty. A kettle is alway kept hot on the stove. A tea stall opens in the morning and closes late night. A tea stall is a popular place. People of different ages and classes come here. They take tea and talk with another.. They discuss on various subjects. They also talk on village politics, national and international politics and on current affairs. Sometimes customers, raise a storm over a cup of tea. A tea stall is an important place of social gathering indeed.

38. A Rainy Day

What is a rainy day? How is a rainy day? How does the sky look? How do people feel on A Rainy Day (4ft 84 ) day? What happens to the poor? What do animals do on a rainy day? How do school going boys and girls feel on a rainy day? 

Answer: On a rainy day it rains all day long. A rainy day is dull and gloomy. The sky is overcast with thick clouds. The sky is not seen. None can go out without an umbrella. Water stands on roads and roads become muddy and slippery. Those who have offices and other business go out with umbrellas over the head, shoes in hand and clothes folded upto knee. Passers-by also move in the same way. Sometimes people slip and fall on the muddy road. When it rains in torrents, people get drenched (for) and stop midway. The poor suffer much on a rainy day. They can not go out in quest of work and can not earn their daily food. They pass the day through sufferings. Most of the students do not go to school. Only a few go to school but they get drenched on the way. So classes are not held and it is a day of great joy to them. Other people also stay at home and pass the day without doing anything. The cattle keep standing in their sheds and bellow (1) for fodder. A rainy day is not pleasant at all.

39.A Winter Morning 

How is a winter morning? How do animals feel? How do people feel in a winter morning? What do children and people do in a winter morning? When do people get up? What kinds of food do people eat?

Answer: A winter morning is misty and cold. There is dense fog everywhere. Sometimes the fog is so dense that the sun rays can not get through it. Even things at a little distance can hardly be seen. Bird’s chirpping is not heard. The cow and other animals can not come out. But it is not so in every morning. Dew drops fall on leaves and blades of grass at night. They look like glittering pearls when the rays of the morning sun falls on it. Village children and people have hardly warm cloths. They gather straw and dry leaves to make fire to warm themselves. The old and the poor bask in the sun in order to warm themselves. People in general and children get up late. So everyone is busy in taking breakfast, dressing and getting ready for going to their respective places. In a winter morning one can enjoy ‘delicious and sweet cakes, payesh of date juice and many other things. The scene of the winter morning vanishes as the day advances. The sun goes up and the fog melts. A winter morning is enjoyable in many respects.

40. A Teacher 

Who is a teacher? What is his role? What qualities does he possess? Why is he busy? What is his only thought?

Answer: A teacher is an architect of a nation (off). He plays an important role in building up an educated nation. He dispels the darkness of ignorance from the lot of a nation (4ft for gat WR GODE GRAPE fafa ). He is an actor, so to speak. He has to suit his act according to the need of his audience which is his class. He is able to hold the attention and interest of his students. He is a clear speaker with good, strong pleasing voice which is under his control. He does not sit motionless before his class. He makes lessons interesting to the students. He makes his students confident and proves them clever. Everybody has something valuable inside him. A good teacher discovers the treasure hidden inside each student. He also wants the students happy and for this he keeps them busy. A good teacher never hankers after money. His only thought is how he could present the nation a god citizen.

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